Founded on tradition and the strength of our culture, enriched by a modern spirit.

The magic of Žubor sa Kablara,is created on our family estate set on the floor of the gorge known as the Serbian "Sveta Gora". A hidden space where eleven Orthodox monasteries, some as old as the 14th century, have provided a haven.

Our wish, our inspiration and our aspiration is to preserve the Red Ranka Plum (Crvena Ranka) from extinction, applying modern techniques to enrich the most beautiful Serbian traditions. We offer rich and authentic plum products that enable you to enjoy, with us, the atmosphere that we proudly consider to be our spiritual home, reviving the vision of our ancestors.

For encounters woven with love and lasting friendship, wherever we may be, we open our hearts and welcome you!

Zdravi bili! Od Boga Vam zdravlje!


Double Distilled Rakija

Rakija is a traditional Serbian brandy produced from rich plum fruit that has grown in this unique climate for hundreds of years. Our 'Red Ranka' was born in a time and a place, from the desire to restore the "Queen of plums" to her throne.

The perfectly balanced softness of the alcohol and the complex aroma of our indigenous variety, dominate the heart and soul of our estate. 

Zubor Rakija is intended to be consumed before and after gastronomic pleasures, to complement and enhance the experience. Or enjoyed, with ice, on warm days; perhaps with a fine quality cigar.

Our premium offering adds fullness to the delicate taste and flavour of tobacco.


Prune Liqueur

Our prune liqueur delivers a gentle seduction of the senses, combining the aroma of prunes spiced with our carefully selected choice of local herbs.The ideal accompaniment for every occasion,we recommend that it be served with tonic and ice especially on a warm, summer afternoon.


Šumadian Tea

A traditional plum-based drink, with a 28% alcohol volume. It is consumed as a warm drink.

Our team

The heart of our success

Without the youthful enthusiasm and love of Velimir Velje Mitrovic, and the inspiration of Miloljub Gojkovic Maretra and his recreation with subtle tones of oak & brandy, our endeavour would not have been possible. They are proof that to work as a team is to work together, and that the secret to success is when ordinary things are done extra ordinarily well.


Sustainable development is more than a trend for us

Our orchard was built on old, and long-forgotten plum growing grounds. Fruits were grown from the roots of plants that were believed to no longer have any hope. Caring for these grounds and for the varieties threatened by extinction is at the heart of our philosophy. Our goal is to preserve the Rakija culture and the fertility of our land with a responsible approach. We look forward to when our packaging and labels will be woven into the values and goals of sustainable development.

Family Estate

House of Quality Rakija's

It is not easy to see into the subtle threads that lead man to choose a place as his own. The perception of it as a source of energy and a renewal of life force, a place that defines and reflects identity. We are lucky that fate brought us right here. Welcome to our estate and our home of quality rakija.