Dipl. ing. tehnologije

Miloljub Gojković -Mare

The conceptual creator of Rakija has a supreme knowledge, a subtle sense of detail, and is a favourite plum and oak blend. He is a man who rejoices in the game and is ready to give in to the challenge of raising the game to another level, and with our great pleasure, we understand why.

Rakija is the product born of the love between plum, oak and man”

Dipl. ing. tehnologije

Velimir Mitrović

Just as without good wheat there is no good bread, and similarly there is no quality brandy without healthy fruit, planted with great dedication, care and respect for the highest traditions. Thanks to our Veljo, who is its creator, the fruit dominates so gloriously the slopes of our orchard with the deepest shade of purple.

Ranka and her companions are the undisputed stars of our team!

Our faithfull companion


On our estate, with great pride, our guests are welcomed by our faithful companion, Beliša!
If you would like to give a home to a rescue dog, in the immediate vicinity is the shelter "Azil Milicevci JKP Komunalac" whose work we support.