How it all began

Until just a few decades ago, it was difficult to imagine a knoll in Serbia where, like the most beautiful (derdan), they did not stand out and act important in all their magnificence, the orchards of the queen of plums, the Crvena Ranka and some of its dignified companions, Dragacevke and Trnovace... Crvena Ranka i neke od njenih dostojanstvenih pratilja: Dragacevka, Trnovaca

It was even harder to imagine a house in front of which the autumn didn't brake smoke from the lamp and spread the intoxicating, united smell of pomace, grain and plum brandy, mixed with the cheerful jag of the neighbour's conversations and all those who would find themselves there to "find" the host and the craftsman.

Now that we have achieved almost a decade of dedicated work on «Žubor sa Kablara» it is difficult to identify when it all really started. Did it all come about when, as children, with a sense of great pride we were entrusted with such an important task in participating with collecting the plums in grandfather's orchard, or did we, more recently as somewhat older children, share that sweetness with the refined taste of that fruit, it’s magnificent midnight blue make it fuller, more mature and unforgettable.

Or maybe when it's all gone, both the fruit and the orchard and the sweetness and the feeling of that night, the plum colour remains in us just like a hum of memories. Or while, somewhere far from our homeland, we search for paths on the way to some new memories and realise that we would not be happy if we did not preserve what is an integral part of our being, until we again hear the murmur that revives tradition from the beginning of the story.

However, we are here now and we hope that Žubor sa Kablara will long live, revive encounters and preserve authenticity written in the power of our ancestors.

Thank you for joining us.

Message from Žubor sa Kablara

Zdravi bili! Od Boga Vam zdravlje!

Our Philosophy

Saving indigenous varieties

Žubor sa Kablara is the orchard of the Crvena Ranka, Dragacevka and Trnovaca, erected on plantings collected on old, long-forgotten plums. Fruits were raised from the roots of plants that were believed to have no hope for them. Caring for land and varieties threatened by extinction is at the heart of our aspirations. Our goal is to preserve the Rakija culture and fertility of our country with a responsible approach. All our rakija's are obtained exclusively from these varieties. The key principle of our production is the application of timeless and traditional principles of professional control at all stages: from fruit preparation, through fermentation, distillation, to the formation of care and aging.

Our mission

Future development

This is only the beginning! We continue to develop varieties of the Crvena Ranka by improving the production and control process at all stages, with the aim of developing, preserving and highlighting the specific complexities of beverages, as to flavour and taste. These indigenous plum varieties inspire us to discover their hidden potential. We encourage and support a scientific approach for deeper understanding of the specificity of brandy of these plum varieties, at a biochemical level.

Co-operation with the University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Agronomy in Cacak has made a significant contribution to our research so far.