Double Distilled Rakija

Prune Liqueur

Šumadian Tea


Rakija culture with style

All our products are carefully designed to meet the highest standards and requirements of brandy lovers, both in terms of content and form. We pay special attention to the design and shape of the bottle. We wish the value and quality of what we offer to be recognised at a glance, as each bottle emphasises premium quality and is adorned with exquisite shades of old gold. 

With our premium design of packaging, we believe we have evolved a step further in presentation and perception of the culture of Rakija. The royal indigo coloured tones woven with shades of gold on the box, as well as a warm toast written on the back of the bottle, guarantee that such a gift will bring joy to any recipient. We guarantee our product to be a regular resident of either home or any culinary and drinking establishment

The joy of reunions

Our aim is to offer our audience and enthusiasts quality, variety and a different approach to enjoying rakija. With or without ice, served in a quality glass, can be the ideal choice for romantic encounters, in a private setting or, indeed any occasion. We have found hat the ideal pairing of the prune liqueur is with a little crushed ice, lime and tonic.

Gastro extravagance

White cheeses emphasise the fruity notes of our products. Meat lovers can combine them with white meat such as chicken or boiled pork. For slightly more creative gastro solutions, we suggest prunes rolled with bacon. But don't forget that slices of orange can be used as more than just decoration. We will soon be sharing some additional gastro suggestions for pairing rakija and food, directly from the kitchens of top chefs.

More than a ritual

It is commonly known that connoisseurs of quality cigars especially enjoy their rituals when paired with a good drink. Passionate hedonists have testified that our premium plum rakija fits perfectly with the flavours of quality, refined tobacco.

A new measure of hedonism

Delicate, quality brandy should be enjoyed with all our senses just as any other alcoholic beverage that has aged in oak barrels, according to experts. It is recommended, to enjoy this ritual, and to take a sip at a time. All our products can be consumed as both an aperitif and digestif, but also as a drink enjoyed independently of food.


Our business philosophy is to offer even the most demanding clientele of plum brandy products, drinks that are the most selective choice with their authenticity, quality, taste and aroma. Thank you to those who recognised our efforts!

Žubor sa Kablara Double Distilled Rakija from the Red Ranka Plum Variety

  • Fruit Growing Institute – Čačak – 2016- Double Gold
  • Trepča 2017- Double Gold
  • Trepča 2019- Gold medal
  • Osečina 2020- Gold Medal
  • IWSC London 2021 – Silver medal
  • International Agricultural Fair Novi Sad 2021 - Gold medal
  • Fruit Growing Institute – Čačak – 2021- Double Gold
  • Osečina 2021- Gold Medal