Family Estate

Oasis of peace, beauty & inspiration

They say that nowhere does man feel closer to God than in this place of peace, surrounded by Ovcar Kablar and the sky. Ever since the middle ages, when this extraordinary pearl of nature was discovered by the Sinai priests, who searched for places they believed to be the emanation of divine light, places where the heart opens most sincerely for prayer. The Ovcarsko Kablarska gorge attracts numerous devotees of nature from the country and the world. Excited to enjoy the rise to the top of Kablar with a tour of eleven monasteries and a view over the rocks and their bewildering and most fragrant mountain herbs.

Situated at the bottom of the gorge is our family estate. A place where the sharp fresh air gives strength. The view is lost in landscapes of pristine natural beauty that inspires again and again. The warmth of the people who allow our house of creativity to pulse rhythmically, makes us consider this place our spiritual oasis.

AREA - Fourteen hectares

LAND - Loam, gajnjaca

PLUM VARIETIES – Crvena Ranka, Požegača and Trnovača

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT  - Responsible approach to soil fertility preservation

Copper Distillery

They say that Rakija can be identified by its distilling vessels. Ours are traditional and made of copper by a local blacksmith. From the moment we saw it in all its polished and sleek glory, we knew the best was yet to come.


We endeavour, in all that we do, to work in accordance with nature and by using only our local abundant resources. The floor of our basement was made of stone from Kablar.


We would like to mention some of the jewels of our surrounding natural herbs; ruj, grab, grabić, sitnolistna lipa, krunolistna lipa, crni jasen, hajdučka trava, lovorisni jeremičak. Those of a medicinal quality are used in a variety of teas...


Throughout history, it has been proven that Rakija, made of the plum varieties; Crvena Ranka, Dragačevka and Trnovača possess a high level of aroma and a specific taste. It enjoys incredible opulence and diversity conditioned by the characteristics of the soil, place, year, fermentation technique, distillation, care and aging. They continue to surprise connoisseurs and experienced tasters with new waves of flavour, taste, and in 'older' brandies, with rare and incredible bewildering bouquets.


It is the first orchard of significance of these varieties in our region and was inspired by the achievements of the pendulum of German fruits ‘Kana’ and ‘Vogela’. It was erected in a contemporary form, with the idea of maintaining plant integrity in dimensions that allow direct access to the entire crown from the ground. The evolution of the technique follows the principles that our ancestors respected.


In the deep embrace of green slopes and rocks, meandering and defiant, as an untamed beauty, formed the ‘West Morava’, a natural phenomenon and a landscape of breath-taking beauty. Inhabitants of this landscape are more than 100 species of birds and numerous species of wildlife; natures mind has not been modest in anything when it comes to this place. The area also boasts sources of healing mineral water with temperatures between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius.

Estate Žubor sa Kablara



Located under a gorge 10 km from Cacak, the Stanjevci estate is situated on a hill with a perfect view of the greenery which brings peace and joy to our souls.